Lavender Essential Oil As Cure For Ringworm

Ringworm or as many people know it dermatophytosis is a skin infection that is caused by fungi. It is not caused by worms, as the name unwittingly implies. At present, there is no particular cure for the disease. There are some over the counter drugs that offered in the market which bring relief to the patient. These antifungal creams never give a lasting effect and generally lead to side effects that are unwanted and uninvited. It is why essential oils for ringworm cure have become so popular in the past few years. For more Info on all things ringworm like symptom, cause, prevention and diagnosis, read the article.

In this short write-up, the focus will be on one essential oil, lavender, as a home remedy for ringworm. The disease that causes rings on the skin that are red, scaly, patchy and very itchy, has been successfully treated with essential oils. From toenail fungus to jock itch to even athlete’s foot, essential oils have cured them all. It works because:

• First, they eliminate the fungi and then inhibit further growth.
• After this, they work on rejuvenating the skin that prevents the recurrence of ringworm.
Lavender oil is known as a stress reliever and sleep inducer. It is also popular for curing skin condition like eczema, psoriasis and acne. The universal and extremely versatile oil has both antiseptic and antifungal properties that make it a powerful agent when it comes to curbing and curing ringworm. Lavender essential oil takes these actions:
• Soothes itching skin
• Reduces inflammation
• Absorbs in the skin to fight the infection
• Heals the skin
• Restores proper complexion

So, how does one use lavender oil to treat ringworm? If you wish to use the oil on the skin, i.e. topically, then dilute it with a carrier. The other agent can be any oil like almond, jojoba or coconut. Take a full teaspoon of the carrier oil and add about five to ten drops of lavender essential oil to it. Mix them thoroughly and then apply directly on the infected patch of skin. Leave the ringworm open so that the oil can dry. This should be used about three to four times a day.

Another way to use lavender oil is to put it into your bath water. Fill your tub with water and then add to it about ten drops of lavender oil. Soak yourself in it for at least twenty to thirty minutes. If taking a bath is too time-consuming for you, a quick way to use the oil as a ringworm cure is a moisturizer. Take an ounce of Aloe Vera gel and add to it ten drops of lavender essential oil. Now apply this mixture like any other cream. It will slowly heal the skin and also prevent further breakouts.
Ringworm is zoonotic, i.e. it can be spread from an infected person or animal to another being. Hence, be very careful while using any remedy as a cure for it to ensure it doesn’t spread further.