Ways To Get Big And Attractive Eyes

Eyes are one of the most special blessings we have. It helps us to see the world. Eyes also communicate emotions very well. Makeup artists often give great importance to the makeup of the eye. They try to enhance the looks of the eye to uplift the whole look. There is even beautiful eye lens in various colors to make the eyes look even gorgeous. But, always ensure that you get good quality products like the B3 Products for your eyes. The link www.elle.com/beauty/makeup-skin-care/g29447/fall-2017-makeup-trends/ gives an insight into the latest makeup trends for your eyes. All of us yearn for big, beautiful and expressive eyes. But not many are naturally blessed with big, expressive eyes. But fret not, makeup can do wonders and make you look mesmerizing in a matter of seconds! Check out some makeup procedures that can help you to get beautiful and expressive eyes.

Pick The Ice Cubes!
You will not need a lot of things for this simple makeup tutorial. You can make a list of the products needed before you start with this tutorial. The list just includes basic things like ice cubes, cotton balls, rosewater, foundation cream, different colors of eyeshadow, brushes, mascara and translucent powder. As the first step, you will have to take one ice-cube and rub it around the eyes for a minute. You need to rub the ice cubes under your eyes as those are the sensitive areas and can get affected first if there is any vitamin deficiency. When you rub the ice to that area, it can help in soothing the tired eyes and also helps to get rid of the dark circles. After you rub the ice cubes around the eyes, your eyes will look brighter and fresher.

After the first procedure is completed, dip a cotton ball in rose water and clean the area outside your eyes. This step can help to remove any dirt and the extra makeup. After this procedure, you will be able to see a good glow to the under area of the eyes. Massage the eye area part using some moisturizer and massage for a couple of minutes. By applying the moisture, the eye area part can get rid of the dryness and can get a soft and good glow. The moisturizer will not leave any white marks when you apply the foundation or the concealer.

Conceal It With Concealers!
Applying the concealer is the next step. It is important that you select that concealer which is lighter than your skin tone. If you select a concealer which is too light, then it will appear so unnatural. The shade of the concealer should be one or two shades lighter so that it can match your skin tone. Gently apply the concealer around the eyes using your fingers and in a circular motion. This act will help to improve the blood circulation around the eyes.

Pep It Up With Shimmers And Mascara!
Once you applied the concealer, make sure that you dab some translucent powder on it. This can give a smooth finishing to your skin. If you want the eyes to be more attractive, then try using some shimmers. Apply dark color eye shadows such as maroon, burgundy, deep brown, etc. Black pencil eyeshadow is better than liquid eyeshadow, so for natural look select black eye pencil and apply it. As the last step, you can apply mascara using the brush, and you can line it according to your wish. When you get attractive eyes using these techniques, you will feel beautiful, and it will increase your confidence.