Top Trends For Engagement Rings in 2017

Engagement Rings

Purchasing an engagement ring has an ultimate romantic significance even though it is a scary decision. There are many practical aspects to be taken into account while going for an engagement ring. Her personality and taste have to be taken into consideration as well as the budget amount. It should go with her glammed up look while not obstructing her day to day activities. There is an extensive collection of engagement rings at from which you can find one that will make your heart sing. According to, the couple should think long term while choosing an engagement ring.

Celebrity Influence
Engagement rings are no trend setters as fashion jewelry but they are fine with new directions. The Black Diamond embedded rings are the hottest trend in 2017. Jewelry worn by celebrities on the Red carpet has an influence on new trends. Asscher-cut Diamond ring’s demand has increased after a celebrity was presented the art deco-inspired ring by her fiancé as her engagement ring. With Social media are being so famous celebrities take pictures and show off their big Diamonds.

Popular Metal And Stones
Certain principals about purchasing engagement rings still remain. Diamonds are the best choice when it comes to stones and platinum is the most popular metal due to its durability. When buying Diamonds the four C’s Cut, Carat, Color and Clarity need to be checked essentially. Simple and classic Solitaire rings and yellow gold sales have increased as the trend has changed to “back to basics.” White gold is still the best metal while Rose gold’s demand which was a bit popular for the last 2 years is now decreasing and yellow gold is taking over.

Solitaire And The Halo Setting
The halo setting is setting a large stone at the center flanked by side stones, is dominating the markets now. The most popular rings are the solitaire and the halo setting. Halo settings are still contemporary and beautiful and are expected to make way for something with new features. Colored stones with Diamond-encrusted twisted halos are also hugely popular now.

Three-Stoned Rings
It is predicted that three or four stone rings may rise in popularity. The three-stone rings are set to make a comeback. They will have you flashing diamonds on your hands like your mothers and grandmothers. These rings have three good sized stones usually of the same size. Its popularity is increasing as people have started to look at it with fresh eyes.

Different Shaped Stones
The traditional fancy shaped stones are making a comeback this year. There is an increase in cushion-shaped diamonds and oval shaped diamonds by moving away from round ones. Cushion-shaped diamonds could be used to make exquisite pieces based on the client’s request.

Promise Rings
Promise rings or pre-matrimonial rings are the new trends in recent times. It is also known as commitment ring which is assumed to be followed by an engagement ring. The reason of this ring is not clear-cut but it generally reflects the ring purchaser’s undecided mind. Nowadays promise rings are more of a fashion statement.